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Spilled coffee in an office

We’re the fix for your coffee stains and whatever else the workplace brings.

Offices run on coffee and quality people. Both of those things are known to make a few messes every once in a while. That is exactly why we offer high-quality commercial carpet cleaning services to the Sioux Falls area.

To keep your carpet free of these nasty germs, allergens, and other filth, experts at the carpet and rug institute recommend cleaning your carpet at least once a year. But cleaning your carpets doesn’t have to break the bank. Many of our clients have been very impressed with the results of our low moisture cleaning options. What is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning? We’re glad you asked.

What is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

Over the years low moisture carpet cleaning has gotten a bad name.  Thirty years ago there was a lot of fly by night guys trying to claim they were experts, Armed with an old floor buffer and some rug doctor shampoo. If the carpet cleaning contractor didn’t get all the soap out; dirt collected in the fibers easier making it dirtier faster.  

Today the chemistry has advanced so much that is no longer the case.   Any remaining encapsulant dries to a crystal clear microscopic substance that is simply vacuumed away on your next vacuum.  We’ve had of our Sioux Falls clients come back and say their carpets were even brighter after vacuuming. In fact, they were brighter than we left them (and they loved our work before that).   That is what our company is about. Customers who want quality commercial carpet cleaning.

If you have spots that need removing or a large commercial space that needs a full cleaning, reach out and let us help.  Let us show you a demo of how we can take care of your carpets.

How Low Moisture Cleaning Works
Carpet Cleaning

Quick Drying Carpet Cleaning for Your Fast Moving Business

Dry in no time? Too good to be true? We can prove it to you. Most of our dining establishment accounts we have in Sioux Falls utilize our low moisture techniques. After the lunch rush, we can come in- quietly work in sections while they are still open for business and have it dry by dinner time. Try asking a person with a Truck mount van to do that! We also service a movie theater in the area that has over 350k people a year walk across their carpets. Once again using our low moisture techniques we keep their carpets clean and dry in a very high traffic area.

But What About Good Old Fashioned Steam and Suction methods?

Now we will admit sometimes you need the steam/truck mount services and on those rare occasions, we have those big guns too available to break out and clean carpets like no other. But in commercial settings, 99.9% of our clients want our low moisture services after giving them a try. I’d say 100% but there is still some business somewhere that is rocking the 70’s shag carpet that just is not low moisture friendly!

Our low moisture options allow us to offer the following:

  • Faster Dry Times
  • Office Security After Hours- No hoses running out unlocked doors after hours allowing public potential access
  • Less Chance of loosening glue on glue down floor tiles or carpeting
Carpet Cleaning by employee from optimal prime cleaning services

But Why Choose Us Over Every Other Carpet Cleaner?

We know you don’t want just anyone coming into your business.  So we get asked a lot why us over the competition.  Our company is small enough to care about your carpets and your satisfaction.  On the flip side, we are big enough to handle a huge footprint of commercial carpet.  We are specialists in just one area of carpet– commercial spaces.  We don’t spend time spotting your Grandma’s shag carpet or residential carpets.  Commercial carpeting cleaning is what we WANT to be known for in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas.

When hiring Optimal Prime Cleaning Services. we will always be dressed professional, act professional, get your carpets and rugs clean, and they’ll be dry faster. And the best part is, you’ll never have to admit you spilled that coffee while falling asleep during your last all-nighter. Relax- we got your carpet cleaning covered.  Contact us today and put your carpet cleaning in expert hands.

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