Disinfecting Services and Affordable Coronavirus Cleaning

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

People are thinking a lot more about cleaning and disinfecting nowadays The  COVID-19 outbreak has provided many significant challenges over the initial months it appeared. As infection numbers decrease and businesses and organizations strive to get back to business, there will be new expectations and standards for healthier workplaces and specialty coronavirus cleaning services.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, Optimal Prime Cleaning Services is proud to have partnered with many business owners and provided detailed deep cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection services across Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas to help combat the spread of COVID-19. We are also here to help your business as you navigate these new reopening coronavirus commercial cleaning and disinfecting expectations.  Our goal is to help you get back to business and stay healthy, safe, and productive from reopening day and beyond.

Coronavirus Disinfecting Services

close up of commercial cleaner disinfecting surfaces for coronavirus

In addition to your routine commercial cleaning services, add disinfection services at regular intervals to help limit the risk for potential exposure to your business. Proudly display our “Routinely Disinfected” distinction at the entryway of your facility comforting visitors. We have a number of packages available, from reopening day only priorities to routine disinfecting services. Based on the flow and type of traffic to your business, we have the customized routine disinfection services you need to provide a healthier environment for your customers and employees, now and in the future.

Benefits of Hiring Optimal Prime Cleaning Services

  • Disinfecting and  Sanitizing Services       
  • Deep Clean / Impact Cleans Hospital Grade Disinfectants – EPA Registered: List N   
  • High TouchPoint Area Focus
  • Electric and Electrostatic Chemical Dispersal Systems     
  • Recurring Services Available 
  • OSHA, CDC and EPA Compliant

Get Ready for the Big Re-open and Keep Your Customer and Employee’s Safety Going Forward

coronavirus reopen plans

Optimal Prime Cleaning Services has built its reputation on helping businesses provide healthier environments for their customers and employees. Now, more than ever we are providing expert-level commercial cleaning services to our customers in such an unprecedented time. We know that business disinfecting and cleaning services will no longer be seen as a luxury, but a necessity in these changing times, and we are the resource your business can count on. Our affordable,  cleaning service paired with disinfecting sprays and foggers will assure that your business will always be ready to welcome your staff and customers each day to a clean and healthy environment.

office cleaner disinfecting kitchen counters

More Information on Commercial Disinfecting Services and COVID-19

Please note, disinfecting services do not prevent person-to-person transmission or reintroduction of microorganisms to a facility. We recommend that you and your employees remain attentive and follow CDC Guidelines for reducing transmission in the workplace:

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