How to Clean Glass

How To Clean Glass Without Leaving Streaks Behind

Cleaning glass can be a challenging task. Without the proper tools, you are left with streaky windows, that do not look any better after you have cleaned them. After trying lots of different processes, we here at Optimal Prime Cleaning services have come up with a fool proof way to get windows and mirrors clean without leaving streaks behind.

1.) Prep your glass by removing major debris first

First, when cleaning heavily soiled glass you want to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. We start by using a dry microfiber towel. Exterior glass collects dirt and when the dirt is mixed with the cleaning solution residue can be left behind causing streaks. Windowsills are also notorious for collecting dust and debris. Wipe this area out prior to spraying the glass with cleaner to help prep your surface.

2.) Use a clean and dry microfiber towel

The way you clean your microfiber towel is especially important. You want to wash your microfiber towel with other microfiber towels. Washing your microfiber towel with different types of material can cause your microfiber towel to collect different particles that will soon become lint on your glass surface. It is also important to refrain from using fabric softener or dryer sheets while cleaning your microfiber towels. A wax like residue will be absorbed in your microfiber towels.

3.) Do not over spray the cleaning solution

When it comes to cleaning solutions you can use whatever you prefer. We are a fan of Glass Gleam 4. It is highly diluted and does not leave a waxy residue like Windex can be prone to do. Whatever chemical you choose, it is really important not to over spray with solution. The excess solution will be hard to get removed and leave streaks behind on your surfaces.

4.) Wipe in a variety of patterns when cleaning glass

As you use your microfiber cloth to remove the cleaning solution, make sure to wipe in multiple patterns. For example, if you choose to just wipe using a horizontal pattern you are more prone to having horizontal steaks left behind.

5.) Buff out any left behind streaks with a clean and dry microfiber cloth

If you notice a few streaks after cleaning your glass, no need to worry. Grab another microfiber cloth that is clean and dry. Use this cloth to buff out any streaks that are left behind.




We are here for you! As a commercial cleaning company, it is our job to make it easy and keep your building safe and healthy. Leave all the nitty gritty to the experts in chemicals, PH levels, HEPA filters, and supply orderings at Optimal Prime Cleaning Services.

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