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How To Clean Plexiglass Customer Barriers in 5 Easy Steps

Clean plexiglass was one of many things businesses were not planning on worrying about. No one really planned on cashiers and customer-facing employees to be living with a constant shield of plexiglass between them and their customers. But with everything changing in 2020 that became the new normal. The issue now is with all this plexiglass between us and our guests is how to keep it clean and spot-free. As a commercial cleaning service, we have been faced with cleaning a ton of plexiglass barriers every day.

The good news is that this is not hard to clean plexiglass. As you will find with our 5 Easy Steps to follow for clean plexiglass outlined below, it really does not take much. You’ll need water, some dish soap, and microfiber towels.

Scratched and Fogged PlexiglassAs many people have learned, plexiglass is a cost-effective solution but it does not come without its issues. Plexiglass is easily scratched and even mild abrasion can cause your new plexiglass barrier to look like one that has seen better days. It is really important that you keep this in mind when you are attempting to clean plexiglass customer barriers. If you use an abrasive cleaner or abrasive sponge on them you can cause permanent damage.

Cleaning Plexiglass in 5 easy Steps

1 Examine the Plexiglass: Take a look at the plexiglass to determine what needs to be cleaned appropriately. Many times it is just a light coating of surface dust that can be wiped off with a quality microfiber towel. There are many different kinds of microfiber towels on the market and realistically many will work just fine. Some leave a bit more lint and residue behind. I prefer to use textured microfiber glass towels when cleaning large amounts of plexiglass surfaces. The most important part is to not use anything that is abrasive that can easily scratch the plexiglass.

2 Wipe Down Glass With Water: If the glass has more than surface dust on it that requires some sort of wet cleaning, always start with a little bit of water. Fold your microfiber cloth in quarters and spray a small amount of water in one-quarter of your microfiber cloth. Gently wipe off any debris that does not come off with the dry wipe down. You would be amazed at how much a little warm water and quality cloth can do not only on plexiglass but any sort of glass.

Don’t be afraid to periodically switch to a different side/unused sides of your microfiber cloth repeating the process. You do not want to transfer more debris with your cloth from one point to another. I do not spray down the window with water first and then wipe. I always spray the towel. People jump to coating glass in cleaning sprays and even a ton of water far too quickly without keeping with the basics

3 Add a Cleaning Agent (if needed): Sometimes you do need a little extra help. The most important thing is NEVER to use an ammonia based cleaner. Plexiglass is sensitive to ammonia, high pH, and products with Quaternary ammonium salts that will cause clouding or fogging. Always check your labels before using them on plexiglass. I’ve always found household dish soap works wonders. I’ve always preferred Dawn dish soap, but almost any will do. It’s mild, It is not abrasive and cleans well. You don’t need a lot of soap in the water. When dealing with dish soap a little goes a long way.

4 Tough Mess- Soak and Wipe: When you need to add a cleaning agent such as a mild dish soap to clean plexiglass, first soak the microfiber cloth in the water. Wring the cloth out, fold it in quarters, and use it to clean plexiglass. Again your goal is not to move the dirt and any abrasives around. Do not be afraid to use all sides of the microfiber cloth. Rinse the cloth out before submerging in more dish soap cleaner and continue cleaning.

5 Rinse Off Your Solution: Using another clean cloth that has been saturated in clean water (and rung out) use it to rinse off any remaining soap solution. Many times people will allow it to air dry while others will use another dry microfiber towel to lightly buff dry. Check for smudges and you are good to go!

What If The Clean Plexiglass has Scratches?

Scratches: You’ve already heard me say that plexiglass can be scratched really easily. In the event that you do find a scratch, which is bound to happen, there are a few tricks you can try. If you use a tiny bit of car wax you can use it to remove light surface scratches. The wax usually can temporarily fill in any surface scratches.

That’s it! Now you Have Clean Plexiglass!

Simple as that you now have clean plexiglass that is in between you and your customers. Hopefully this helped you all out. Keep those plexiglass barriers clean and scratch and fog free. Hopefully soon we will once again live in a world where all that plexiglass is not needed! I know I for one will be very happy to see it go away! But until then I know that I, just like you, will be doing my part to keep everyone safe and surfaces clean.

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