Meet Your Tile and Grout Cleaning and Hard Surface Floor Care Team

Much of our core business and focus to our Sioux Falls clients is daily janitorial and carpet cleaning services. However we often get calls from folks in the Siouxland area asking if we provide hard floor cleaning services. So many spaces are adding hard floor options into the layouts. It only makes sense that we also offer quality hard floor care options to our clients as well.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Sioux Falls

The most common services we get asked about is tile and grout cleaning.  Many popular tile and grout choices hide dirt quite well. Our clients are usually shocked when we spot clean an area and educate clients on the best way to clean and maintain this tile to keep it looking great and not actually just a harbor for dirt, grime and other bacteria that doesn’t come off with regular daily mopping.

Tile and grout cleans up much easier than a traditional VCT tile.  The problem is grout has enough ridges and edges that store lots of dirt and sand and who knows what else off of your shoes.  That in turn sticks in the grout and can cause bacterial growth if not properly cleaned.  When we are called out to inspect tile and grout the first thing we inspect is how much dirt and debris the grout itself is harboring in it’s pores.  By doing this we can determine what chemicals should be used to produce the right results for our client. 

LVT and Laminate Surfaces

LVT Tile Floor

LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tile, and Laminate flooring options are becoming more and more popular in commercial spaces.  Just recently experts are predicting that by 2024 the LVT market will be worth over 31 Billion dollars.  These surfaces are different from the traditional linoleum that was installed in kitchens years ago.  Unfortunately, that means that there is a need for specialty cleaning of those surfaces.

Too many times we see clients ruin the natural factory finish with low end consumer products.  Products like Mop and Glo can make a floor look brighter temporarily. Using these products can actually trap more dirt and make re-soiling happen a lot more often.  Topping it off there are different methods of installing laminate and vinyl surfaces.  Floating floors, glue down floors, seamless sheet vinyl, plank vinyl all of these factors matter on how you should approach a deep clean of them.

When you hire the Optimal Prime Team to handle your hard floors we are going to evaluate not only the best way to clean your floors now but also help educate you in quality products and solutions for the future to ensure that shine you desire.  

Concrete and Epoxy Hard Floor Surfaces

Epoxy Floor Cleaning in Sioux Falls South DakotaThe newest trend in commercial flooring is just using the natural cement instead of covering them with another hard surface option.  According to industry experts, industrial floor coatings accounted for 5.5 Billion dollars of revenue in 2019 and is predicted to grow another 5% by 2024. While these flooring options are very durable, great care is needed to make sure that they are being cared for for properly.

A good floor care expert knows the right cleaners to use so your sealant looks great,  They also know what to use on it so itis not damaged in the process.   Unfortunately the internet can give out bad information.  I have seen people ruin floors worth thousands of dollars and create costly repairs just because some DIY site.  That suggested crazy concoction of toilet bowl cleaner, vinegar and baking soda isn’t going to really make it shine.   There is nothing worse than telling a client that you can’t restore their hard floor.  The original beauty is gone because the chemicals used physically damaged the floors.  Before you start creating your own “DIY” concrete cleaner, reach out to us.  Talk with us and see how affordable your hard floor cleaning project can be.

Traditional VCT Strip and Wax/Strip and Finish

Floor Strip and Wax

Lastly, there is the good old fashion “strip and finish” or “Strip and Wax” VCT jobs.  This is the most labor intensive, high maintenance type of finish out there.   Many folks are moving away from your standard VCT tile for that exact reason.  Those who do have it installed still need their VCT hard floor cared for.  We can work with you and your facility team to develop a floor maintenance process. With regular care and maintenance, many times you can avoid full strips and refinishes and save money with scrub and re-coat options as well.

If you have a hard floor that needs some extra love and you are trying to find the right folks in Sioux Falls we are your go to source for the job.

Contact our office today to see what we can do to help make your hard floor options look beautiful again

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