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Optimal Prime Cleaning Services provides commercial carpet cleaning services in Sioux Falls, Brandon, Tea, Harrisburg, and surrounding areas in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.

Quick Drying

We can keep your carpets clean and dry in high traffic areas with minimal drying time, meaning less interruption for your business and customers.

Fewer Chemicals

By using less harsh chemicals with our low moisture process, there's less chance of damaging floors and surfaces or glue on floor tiles and carpeting.

Safer & Quieter

Businesses love low moisture carpet cleaning as it's much quieter than traditional methods. Since there's no need for long hoses, it's safer because there's no need for propped open doors!

Client Contact

We use some of the newest software to communicate issues with our staff immediately so you're not stuck dealing with delays or missed appointments.

Tailored Proposals

We don't do cookie cutter proposals that don't work for your business. We tailor every job specific to our client's individual needs and a price point that meets your budget.

Paid on Quality

Our staff is paid based on the quality of work they do, thus there's an incentive to always do their best. Making our staff happy with quality incentives means happier customers!

Watch Our Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning in Action

Maybe it's coffee...
Maybe it's ink or toner...
Maybe it's a mystery stain from Dan...

Optimal Prime Cleaning Service

Just like you can’t stop Dan from spilling on your conference room carpets, you can’t stop your clients and guests from noticing those carpet spots.

You need a solution; and that’s us.

From one-time carpet cleanings to reoccurring maintenance programs, your solution is a click away and you get to keep Dan!

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Optimal Prime Cleaning Service
Optimal Prime Cleaning Service

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