The Most Impressive Tile and Grout Cleaning You've Ever Seen!

Rex Pro Sealers Tile and Grout Cleaning in a commercial restroom

Your Tile and Grout doesn’t just need cleaned.  Sometimes it needs an extra boost.  And with Optimal Prime Cleaning Services, we offer a silicon ceramic based sealer that is simply ahead of the curve in restroom maintenance.   It’s designed to reduce maintenance, time, and costs and provide maximum protection against staining, odors and microbial  growth!

Tile and Grout Sealer That Holds Up To A Higher Standard Than The Rest

A commercial restroom sealed with our silicon ceramic based sealer in Sioux Falls South Dakota

Our 1170 Silicon ceramic coating is one of the easiest ways you can hold a high standard of cleanliness.   It is the most environmentally friendly and most technologically advanced coating on the market today.   It will not only beautify your floors, but protects it as well.  It puts a thin layer of “glass” on top of the surface making sure that it is impervious to chemicals and staining.   That means easier cleaning and longer times between recoating and cleaning.  And to top it off- We are the only people in Sioux Falls offering this coating!

Here is How Our Tile and Grout Sealer Stacks Up Against The Competition

How our tile and grout sealer compares to the tile and grout sealers other sin SIoux Falls Offer

Plain and simple- our sealer is designed to hold up.  In most applications you are looking at 3-5 year at minimum before more heavy maintenance is needed.   Think of a restroom with a sealer that can repel not only dirt and stains, but also keeps odors limited by not allowing urine or other odors to seep into the grout.  In some cases, your grout can “hide” a lot of dirt- but the odors are always a tell tale sign.  Let us help you seal it and maintain it!

Why are we the only ones who sell this product? Because there is training and specialty knowledge needed to apply it!  If you think about it anyone might be able to watch YouTube and change your oil and tires, but that doesn’t make you a NASCAR Pit crew member.   We’ve learned the tricks of the trade from the manufacturers and training teams, so we can help you run a better maintained business!

What about Concrete floors and Other Hard Floor Surfaces?

tile grout sealing services Optimal Prime Cleaning Service
A Smooth Surface Hard Floor after our 1170 Floor Sealer was Applied

Yup- We can clean that too!   As you can see in the before and after photos above our 1170 even works on concrete and other surfaces when they are prepped correctly!  We even offer a slight variation of the product called VCT-Shield which can be used in place of strip and wax!

If Shine Isn't Your Thing, You Can Still Have The Benefits!

tile grout sealing services Optimal Prime Cleaning Service

Let’s say you love the look of your tile and grout but still want all the benefits of our sealer.  It is possible.  We offer our sealers in a Gloss (out most popular) for tile and grout floors and walls, but we also offer a stain or matte finish.   And we also offer a product that we refer to as our chameleon sealer because it blends so well with the current look of whatever it goes on.  So there is no risk!  We can protect your hard floor project and let you deal with a local company to clean and seal it right here in Sioux Falls!

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