Commercial carpet cleaning machine cleaning carpet

What is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

As a business owner/manager the health of your employees and clients is a priority. Regular carpet cleaning maintains the image of your business and ensures cleanliness and safety. When it comes to carpet cleaning you have many options. We are here to help you come up with a plan that best suits you and the needs of your business.

To keep your carpet free of germs, allergens, and other filth, experts at the carpet and rug institute recommend cleaning your carpets at least once a year. Cleaning your carpets does not have to break the bank. Many of our clients have been very impressed with the results of our low moisture cleaning options. What is low moisture carpet cleaning? We are glad you asked!

Our Low Moisture Options Allow Us to Offer the following-

Commercial carpet cleaning machine cleaning carpet

Faster Dry Times

Office Security After Hours – No hoses running out unlocked doors after hours allowing public potential access

Less Chance of loosening glue on glued down floor tiles or carpet

Low moisture cleaning involves the technician spraying and encapsulations solution on to the carpet. After the encapsulant has been applied a rotating tool will agitate the solution deep into the carpet. After this encapsulant has dried, the whole carpet is then vacuumed removing the encapsulant, dirt, germs and allergens trapped in your carpets. Remaining encapsulants dry to a crystal-clear microscopic substance that is simply vacuumed away on your next vacuum.  We have had our Sioux Falls clients come back and say their carpets were even brighter after vacuuming. In fact, they were brighter than we left them (and they loved our work before that).   Our company is about exceeding your expectations!

VLM- Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Optimal Prime Cleaning Service

Most of our dining establishment accounts utilize our low moisture techniques for their fast-drying times. After lunch rush, we can come in – quietly work in sections while they are still open for business and have it dry by dinner time. Now we will admit sometimes you need the steam/truck mount services. On those rare occasions, we have those big guns available to break out and clean carpets like no other. But in commercial settings, 99.9% of our clients want our low moisture services after giving them a try. I’d say 100% but there is still some business somewhere that is rocking the 70’s shag carpet that just is not low moisture friendly!

If you have spots that need removing or a large commercial space that needs a full cleaning, reach out to the Optimal Prime Cleaning Services team, and let us help.  We will show you a demo of how we can take care of your carpets. Find us on Facebook or visit!

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