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What We Do

Commercial Building Cleaning Tailored to your Schedule and to Your Needs

Commercial Office Space

Commercial Janitorial Services in Sioux Falls and Surrounding Areas

Spend the time working ON your business and not IN your business.  

If you’re reading this, you don’t love scrubbing toilets.   We can guarantee that your staff doesn’t like it either.  Why not have a professional come in and do it for you!

On top of never drawing straws to see who scrubs the toilet, you’ll also get a sanitation program that can help reduce sick days by focusing on touch point sanitizing of your office.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Janitorial Services. Make your office shine and be the centerpiece of your operation without lifting a finger with our proven processes.

Low Moisture Carpet Equipment

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Sioux Falls Area

Offices run on coffee and quality people.  Both of those things are known to make a few messes every once in a while.

That is exactly why we offer high quality commercial carpet cleaning services to the Sioux Falls area. 

To keep your carpet free of these nasty germs, allergens, and other filth, experts recommend cleaning your carpet at least once a year.

We know you don’t want just anyone coming into your business.  You can trust us!  We are what you call , professionals!

  Relax- we got your carpet cleaning covered.

Tile Cleaning Job in Process

Tile, grout and hard surfaces Cleaning in Siouxland

No one likes to think about tile and grout.  You have tile because it is easy to clean right?  

Tile is certainly beautiful when installed and maintained properly, but that maintenance can be very time-consuming. Are you running out of toothbrushes, elbow grease and employees that want to do all that scrubbing?  Or even worse- are you doing that scrubbing? Your time is more valuable than that. 

Let the folks who are pros at cleaning commercial hard floors do all the messy work for you.  We enjoy that sort of stuff. 

Our Work

The Right People and the Right Process Means Great Results

Need a Quote?

Tired of playing the what's your square footage or how many toilets do you have game? That person doesn't know your building or your needs, so how can they quote you on service that fits your needs? We take the time to tailor each and EVERY one of our clients proposals, survey the building and help work with you to get you to a service level you love and price point that won't break the bank. We work with you to provide, "Better" and "Best" options for your business. Notice we didn't include "Good"? -- Good Eye there. That's because we don't want to just be "Good". We want to be better than you expect and the best in the business. So what are you waiting,for. Give us a call or email us today to start the proposal process. We find ourselves cleaning the Sioux Falls South Dakota Area and spend just as much time in the surrounding areas such as Brandon, Tea, Harrisburg, Canton, Lennox and even venture over to Larchwood and Inwood Iowa.

What Makes Us Different?


Our proposal process is more about you and your needs and a lot less about us.  We walk through your space and find out what is important to you and your goals


 If you don’t hire people who care about your place as much as you do, you’ll always be disappointed. We hire drug-tested, background checked, cleaning fanatics to help your place shine


Every team member is trained to your specific needs and is part of our Clean Sweep continuing education to make sure they know the health and safety risks to protect your home and business.


Trust but Verify. Supervisor follow up, client communication and a network of specialized vendors means your projects are taken care of to perfection.

Don't Just Trust Us... Ask Our Clients

"The carpets came out better than I expected including the horribly filthy steps! They exceeded my expectations as I know how dirty they were. The tile looks incredible and I’m floored at the difference too!"
Shane Pieper
Curt Group, Brandon South Dakota
"I've been very impressed with Jason and his team. They are quick to respond to any issues and do a great job!"
Mary Pat
Sioux Falls, SD
"Jason is a firm believer in understanding the process. He took the time to understand what we wanted and developed a process that got the job done. His honesty was great. He suggested a plan that we hadn't considered that got us the services we needed without a bunch of add-ons."
Mark Rupoli
Sioux Falls, SD
"I've had nothing short of a great experience with Jason and his crew. They are always on time, great at communicating with us and they helped actually decreased the amount of checmicals I was using."
Ross Throme
Sioux Falls, SD

Our Charity of Choice

One of our favorite charities is Ian’s Thumbs Up FUNd at Avera Hospital. Each year, Optimal Prime donates a portion of our profits to the FUNd. It’s one of our favorite ways to give back and help children locally and every dime of money given to Ian’s FUNd can be tracked back to a way it helped a family in need. No giant CEO salaries, no tons of red tape, just helping kids and their families in need. We are all about that. Contact us if you want more info or want to make a tax deductible donation to an awesome charity.